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  • Elinu is Online since a long time.
  • Elinu is currently in Beta.
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Elinu has been in development since June 2012 and it's launch date is still unknown. However, you can already try it and participate to its development by joining us during our Beta phase!

In this page, you'll have a quick taste at Elinu's features. We'll only be mentioning a few of the features we believe worth mentioning.

On Elinu, the leveling experience is never the same.

The hunting ground in which you'll be farming today, from the level 20 to 25, for example, may not be the same the next week.

For every 5 levels range, starting from 15, one of the available hunting grounds for the level range is "boosted", giving you the opportunity to level up faster in certain spots, at one cost - you're unlikely going to level up in peace. Below, the list of available hunting grounds and their level range:

Level 15 to 20
- Oblivion Woods
- Valley of Titans
- Tuwangi Mire
- Celestial Hills

Level 20 to 25
- Cliffs of Insanity
- Vale of the Fang
- Paraanon Ravine

Level 25 to 30
- Basilisk Crag
- Tenebrous Mines

Level 30 to 35
- Mistmoor Island
- Jagged Coast
- Azarel Labyrinth
- Ascension Valley
- Pirate Grotto

Level 35 to 40
- Eldritch Academy Grounds
- Colossal Ruins
- Lake of Tears
- Dark Cathedral
- Aurum Road

Level 40 to 45
- Blessing Basin
- Essenian Crest
- Blightwood
- Tempest Reach
- Frost Reach
- Citadel of Torment
- Mount Tyrannas

Level 45 to 50
- Quarantine Zone
- Feral Valley
- Arachnaea
- Temple of Dagon
- Fyrmount
- Hungry Caverns

Level 50 to 55
- Serpentis Isle
- Susurrus Woods
- Darkquaver Woods
- Amena Quatla
- Sienna Canyon
- Doomcrypt

Level 55 to 60
- Tor Exsul
- Wyrmgorge
- Seeliewood
- Vale of Spires
- Plain of the Damned
- Three Towers
- Tirkai Forest
- Thrallhold
- Balders Refuge
- Granarkus
- Argonea
- Khanovar Front

You can see which Hunting Grounds currently benefits of experience and money boosts on our Hunting Grounds page.

Learn more about Elinu's Boosted Hunting Grounds.

A friend need a hand? he's only 20 and you're 60? no issue!

On Elinu, it is possible to lower down your level to whichever you like in order to take on challenges the way it's meant to be played!

On Elinu, various tweaks and improvements were made to the Outlaw System.

To begin with, your attacks wont reach your opponent if his level is five levels lower than your. If your last attack on a player has been made less than 60 seconds ago, no matter where you run back to (in a peace zone, for example), you're not safe.

Here's something else worth noting - you do not have to toggle the Outlaw stance when someone in Outlaw stance attacks you - attacking him back will turn it on on its own.

Every single kills in Outlaw and Infamous stances are recorded. Kill them all! and you'll see your name on our Ranks.

Learn more about the Outlaw and Infamous Ranks.

On Elinu, the World Bosses are extremely challenging - and extremely rewarding!

World Bosses drops the best stuff available to their level range. You will need a guild and some organization in order to take them down, however.

Learn more about the World Bosses.

Regarding the retail-features, most of them are supported. But there are some exceptions:
- Nexus is not implemented. (and won't be implemented the same way retail has it whenever it kicks in)
- Battlegrounds are not implemented. (we'll have something... different -- refer to our Events page)
- Instanced Dungeons are not implemented.
They're part of our plans, however, the end-game dungeons will be made different. We find the dungeons and the challenge that comes with them awesome - however, we hate the idea of instancing the most part of what you'll be doing once you hit the maximum level. As such, the way by which you acquire the best Level 60 equipments has been customized.

Learn more about the progress on retail features.

  • Note: Every statistics are refreshed once every five minutes.
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  • Elinu is running on Revision 1154 Changelog
  • Latest launcher is Version 1.4c Download
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