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Saturday, 9th of March 2013.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, little Elins and fucking Poporis - today, the 9th of March 2013 we present you the new 1.4 Dreams Launcher!

With the 1.4 version of our launcher, getting on Elinu is becoming easier than ever. There's now two ways to get in - either by downloading the...

Sunday, 3rd of March 2013.

Your home just got sexy! you may notice certain parts of our website are still being worked on, but it's finally up for the most part!

While we're still in Beta, the account system remains untouched - and the account manager on our website disabled. If you are new to Dreams Gaming...

Saturday, 12th of January 2013

We're happy to announce the time to apply this big update we've been working on for the past few weeks has come.

The server will be going down in 30 minutes from now and will remain offline for a while - we'll be performing a last spree of internal testings prior...

Friday, 14th of December 2012

It's been nearly two months since we first brought up our baby to the public - and a lot has been sorted out during that time. Instability issues, performance bottlenecks, exploits and the obvious (and never ending!) popori-related issues - many of them are now gone.

Plenty of missing features were also implemented and we feel it's time to...

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  • Elinu is running on Revision 1154 Changelog
  • Latest launcher is Version 1.4c Download
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